Sarah Leavitt


Sarah Leavitt, Payson City

Writing a bio is like writing a cover letter for a job or a profile for a dating site, trying to figure out what exactly you, as the reader, really want to know. 
I began working for Payson City January 2004 and transferred to the Sewer Department November 2005. Like many of people, I have several responsibilities. I perform every task of the Pretreatment Program, help with POTW permit reports, department budget, collection reports, give plant tours, create public educational documents, oversee the department website and present ordinances and reports to Mayor and City Council. I also oversee the Wellness Program for Payson City Employees and help with Payson City social media outlets.
My WEAU experience began in 2007 when I became a member. My main objective in becoming a member was to attend Pretreatment trainings so I could learn from the experts. Shortly later I was asked to join the Pretreatment Committee. In 2011, I became the Pretreatment Co-Chair and then roll into the Chair position in 2013. In 2016, I was elected as a Director on the WEAU board. Serving on the board the past two years has been a great experience. 
One key concept I have learned from my work and WEAU experience thus far is the importance of building positive relationships. Not just the relationships with your co-workers, but the ones you build with the community, government agencies and wastewater/pretreatment professionals. It makes your work load easier when you acknowledge that we are all in this together. Overall, the true highlight of being a member of WEAU is working with and getting to know so many wastewater and pretreatment professionals from around the state.