Trevor Lindley


Trevor Lindley, Brown and Caldwell

Trevor Lindley is a project manager and project engineer with Brown and Caldwell in Salt Lake City. Mr. Lindley has been working in the field of Environmental Engineering ever since graduating from Utah State University in 1996. After spending seven years away from Utah including time in Ohio and Arizona, he returned to Utah in 2006 and has been actively involved with the industry and WEAU ever since. Mr. Lindley first worked with the WEAU website for two years then moved on to the conference technical chair for three years and is now in his third year as the annual conference chair. Trevor enjoys his work as an environmental engineer. He mostly enjoys seeing projects come together and teaching city councils, board members, and average citizens how water and wastewater treatment works and why it’s important. A love of the outdoors, particularly fly fishing, and a good high school AP biology teacher started him on the path that he is on today. In his committee chair assignment, he really appreciates all the volunteers who quietly work behind the scenes to move WEAU forward. Trevor and his wife Tiffanie live in Mtn. Green Utah and are doing their best to raise four pretty awesome kids: Tyson, Emma, Ashton, and Brandon.